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Are YOU weathering the storm?

With all this talk of ice, snow, salt, and other weather phenomenons – yes I could go for a slushie or margarita too, how are you weathering 2017? So many people at the gym, getting ready for spring break and all those margaritas, as well as those counting their trips there, meeting goals, trying something […]

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What are YOU going to do in 2017?

#newyearsresolutions Do you make resolutions? Goals? Deadlines? Commitments? Myself, I go in phases. There have been years for resolutions, before I had kids. Now I am just happy to wake up in a good mood and remember to make my coffee and eat something for breakfast that has not already been half eaten by my […]

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Hello 2017 and welcome to another year of making your best effort to stay healthy, get healthy, live healthy, or just be generally well. Two Peanuts and a Biscuit will be the new blog for Point Nutrition, LLC helping you achieve your goals, find humor in wellness and get you pointed in the right direction […]

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