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Back to School…almost Fall

Who is ready to send their peanuts back to school?

We start at the end of the month, so I am counting down the days (12). If you follow us on Facebook you will have seen some lunch ideas, after school snack ideas, family recipes and an offer for some Starfish tuna/salmon coupons (while supplies last, message us your address)! Not only is it back to school time for new lunch and snack ideas, but it can also be a time to refresh your work lunches and snacks, start new habits, make appointments, cross another item off your bucket list (see previous post), or just clean and de-clutter. I knew my house would not be clean again until after the kids went back to school, so I gave up trying about a month ago.

What else do you do for fall? Clean, shop, de-stress, finish projects? I make lots of to-do lists and see how much I can get done while the kids are in school, all while keeping up with clients, grocery shopping, cleaning house, errands, and pondering other things to do, like getting in a bit more exercise, cleaning the fridge, prepping meals, making meal plans, going to the store again because I forgot something…or just making a Target run BY MYSELF!

Another school year will fly by, between field trips, concerts, school programs, meetings, volunteering, events, and I will wonder how my peanuts got so big. So cross things off your lists, but also slow down and take the time for yourself, family and otherwise. Live for the day, live like your loved and start each day with a smile (and a large cup of coffee or PSL if it’s your thing!) Watch your peanuts grow and be proud of what you accomplished, and if it wasn’t much, there is always tomorrow!

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