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Eat Smarter Live Longer ?


Ok, we can all try to do that. As I read a recent article that states just such, eat more beans, snack smarter, add spice, use alternate sweeteners – and no not the fake ones, use fruits and such for natural sweetness. Non-alcoholic tonics, flavored fizzy waters, use more turmeric, make your own nut milk, cut out cream, make your own energy bars, among others. Simple really, if you have the time.

Between clients, time at the local food co-op, and my family, I am lucky to make weekly meal plans and cook meals 3-4 times per week. I pack lunches for my boys, and myself when working over a mealtime, shop weekly for the meals and snacks, and hope I get a chance to use those brown bananas sitting on my counter for some muffins yet, if not, they are tomorrows smoothie. We do get stuck in meal ruts – really more chicken? Always with the chicken….

But yet we make do and try to incorporate eating smarter too. Whether it’s a new recipe, or an old one, but using different ingredients because that’s all we had on hand. Here we go with the chicken again, I had thought I had ground turkey for meatballs the other night, come to find out it was ground chicken. It made pretty good meatballs – now we have another recipe! Did that with meatloaf recently too – got tired of the heavy beef and pork version, so we substituted turkey for the beef – whoa – turkey meatloaf, delicious! I do try to make homemade or cook from scratch when able – or at least semi-homemade, like not making my own marinara, just buy the jar, I don’t have time to watch tomatoes cook down. But treats are almost always family recipes, unless someone is craving box brownies. I will dig out the bread-maker every so often, it just doesn’t stay as fresh as truly homemade, or bakery bread. I grow sprouts, although my last batch was something to be desired, I am as bad as rinsing those as I am watering my plants.

So as we all try to eat smarter to live longer, do what you can. If having a box mix brownie takes a day off your life, so be it…just thoroughly enjoy it and the more you do in moderation, may the longer you live.

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