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Goals & Bucket Lists

So here I sit after a long weekend of roller derby tournament action…
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…and my next goal comes into the picture. Another triathlon. This one is in-between the other two I have done in the past, but yet still a goal to work towards, another thing to cross off my bucket list. Do you call them goals? Or another item on your bucket list? I guess it depends on what they are. Maybe it’s a goal that you are working towards to an item on your bucket list. Maybe it’s the item on the list that is a goal…hmmm, chicken before the egg, or egg before chicken? Guess they are both relative to each other. I still have many things on my bucket list, many I have crossed off, some I crossed off without even knowing they were on my list…

x David Copperfield made me disappear (and reappear to someones disappointment)
x Met Jakob Dylan and the Wallflowers – got all their autographs
x Cruised Scandinavia – ate a true Norwegian pancake, spoke Russian in Russia, drank vodka in an Ice Bar, among many other experiences!
x Joined a Roller Derby League – played internationally, albeit CANADA
x Started my own business
x Played roulette in Vegas – lost $50 in 2 spins
x Ate at one of Emeril Lagasse’s restaurants
x Took a NYC cab – toured most of NYC on my own
x Been on Good Morning America – twice
x Have more than 1 tattoo
x Published in peer magazines
__ Hang gliding
__ Skate the bowl at the skate park
__ Do a full triathlon
__ Visit the other 1/2 of Canada
__ Learn boxing

…among others. So if goals can be part of a bucket list, and a bucket list can be a way to make goals, how are you working on yours?

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