Stevens Point, WI 54481

So it’s Spring or Summer?

In Wisconsin, it’s always tough to tell.
With the nice weather it often means more exercise and more outside time. As a kid I was almost always outside, on my bike, scooter, skateboard, roller skates (ice skates in winter), biking to the city pool (both sessions), playing with friends in the yard or at the playground – if only I had half that energy today.
I had a skateboard built last year, I am still learning how to ride it again. I am not sure I will gain enough confidence to ride it at the skate-park, I will be better off on my roller skates for that, of which I am going to try shredding it up on some of my off days until the kids are done with school. I will be a cool mom soon and try some tricks with my kids there soon! (Another bucket list item to check off). I also hope to travel again and hit up some other skate-parks around the state so they can ride out summer til they are too tired, or something breaks. We want to try the many trails throughout the state, picking our favorites from last years tour of state parks. We are a pretty active family, while some may not be and just let the kids roam free. I know others who just want to tend to flower and vegetable gardens, get out their bikes or walk the many trails we have here in central Wisconsin as a family, with friends, or as an individual. Yet some just want to enjoy the sunshine, their kids, and watch time pass them by, and that’s fine too.
Whatever you do this spring, and soon to be summer, stay you, stay active, get outside, go new places, experience new things, be a kid again (if you have that much energy), let the world pass you by and enjoy the simple things. Whatever you do, just be you.
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