Stevens Point, WI 54481

Summers Here


Welcome to summer, things have been crazy this last part of spring, needing to find a new work/life/other balance. How does everyone else do it? Now that the kids are done with school, we have vacationed, picked strawberries, nothing else planned (as of yet), I am needing to find a balance that allows for more time in the day to do everything. Not that I don’t love having my kids around everyday, but it gets old trying to keep them busy while I also try to get stuff accomplished. It’s like being at home with them again when they were littles all over again…feed, play, go outside, no inside, yup back outside again, more food, laugh, get hurt, go back inside, timeout, more food, did you drink any water today? and finally it will be bedtime and it starts all over again the next day…

It all works out somehow, the daily grind gets better, school supplies come out, then the Christmas decorations, then off to another year of school and back to working more hours. My balance is crazy, but it works, your balance may be the crazy that you need too, yet still find time to fit in grocery shopping for the right things to keep you on track, get in a workout so the crazy doesn’t get too crazy, or an accidental workout chasing around the craziness.

Summers are short, enjoy your balance of crazy, I will enjoy mine and we will do it all again tomorrow.