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Summer…for a little while longer

Well back to school items are back in stock, summer items are on clearance, but it’s still summer! Hot days, sweaty outdoor workouts, killing bugs, enjoying a drink and a breeze…how have you spent your summer?

So far busy days, classes, personal training sessions, and my own fun has ruled most of my summer, as well as new recipes, meeting new clients, helping people get fit, healthy and otherwise moving toward their goals.

Changes have been made, so much more to offer, volunteered time, napped, even had a small getaway, found new music, organized, and enjoyed some quiet among the peanuts in my life. Sometimes the days get away from you, sometimes they don’t seem to end and you want to call it quits by 10am (or earlier) I get it. Some days you are not well, just wanting binge watch tv, social media or sleep all day, or maybe just get away. I get it. Some days you try new things, a new food, a new exercise, a new recipe, or meet a new friend, sometimes the food is horrible, the exercise made you really sore, the recipe didn’t turn out, and the new friend is super annoying and you need a place to hide. I get it.

However you spend your days, make time for you. You are your own best friend, doctor, mentor, advice giver (I still talk to myself for expert advice), teacher, boss, among other things. Take a selfie, look in a mirror, there is only one of you, take care of it, enjoy these last days of summer, you never know how many you have left. Let that sun shine (but don’t get burned), take that drink, enjoy that breeze, take that nap, enjoy some music or a book. And when you have time and want to reach more goals or need help crossing stuff off that bucket list, tell someone, share them, you never know who might listen. We are here to help too 🙂

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